How to fake lip fillers.

There are only so many things a girl can fake without a man knowing. Let’s make lips one of them. It’s time to ditch the lip ‘plumping’ glosses and get your hands on the ultimate beauty cheat. Say hello to your new best friend; The Lip Pumper.

 The worlds latest  obsession Kylie Jenners luscious lips. The mystery is ongoing as to whether it is a lot of Velvet teddy or injections. Lets get to the point whether or not she has had fillers she is looking incredible .

 Being a flat lipped gal I have spent so much time and money on figuring out how to get my lifeless lips big and beautiful!(without the silicone)  Lip plumping glosses have their five minutes of fame and then deflate within minutes. Not to mention the numbing sensation, and horrific lack of pronunciation. Covering whom you are speaking to in glossy goo. Just not a good look it needs to stop. Then there’s the overdrawing of the lips very 90’s. Then you give someone a smooch and you go from Angelina Jolie to coco the clown (it escalates quickly). Or you can have luscious big, juicy, full even lips that last for hours. You like the sound of that don’t cha? You can speak, kiss, eat as much as you  like worry free lips.

First things first the device! I know what you’re thinking; no it is not a penis enlarger it’s your new muse- a lip enlarger. Same concept except this actually works. 

You place your lips in the curve of the pumper.You need to pull the end until you feel a strong suction. Once your lips are pursed together and you can feel the magic force you need to hold it in place for two minutes. If you hold it any longer you may notice bruising around the mouth so use with caution.



As you can see before my lips are uneven and just blugh! Two minutes later I no longer have to pout to feel like i have lips! I finally have those lips I envy! 

Two hours later the lips are still going strong. 

The science behind my new love. The suction surfaces the blood to your outer lips causing them to swell it is painless and gives your lips a nice pink colour. Lips look amazing with a red or plum colour on top I would recommend a matte color this I feel looks more intense.

I know you cannot buy these in store in the UK. I purchased mine online for £20. They are completely safe to my knowledge. I would not recommend using it for more than twice a day as bruising can occur around the lips. 
I hope I have helped all you lip curious beings and remember if anyone asks you were born with it.

With love Makeup Monster x.

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