Light up your life

Want gleaming goddess skin? You have come to the right place;as here I have posted my fave highlighters that are a must have.

 If there’s one thing I know it’s how to spot a good highlighter. After searching high and low,for that perfect glow. I have tested a lot of products. I want to share with you my favourite brighteners. Highlighters make such a difference to your makeup its one of those finishing touches I cannot live without.

Like all makeup there are different finishes and consistencies for your highlighter. It’s all about finding the glow for you.

Kryolan event foundation Pearl. £30

I thought I would get the unexpected out of the way. This big beauty(50ml) is Kryolans event foundation in Pearl. It is a light weight transparent formula that sits beautifully on the skin.  I  use it  as a multi use product, I mix it in with foundations for a glow.,I use it as a eyeshadow primer and a highlighter. It gives an intense, pure glow. I would recommend this shade for pale skin types only-it is available in darker shades. Just dab a pea sized amount onto the skin and blend it out for an angelic glow.

MAC Lustre Drops-Pink Rebel(£18)
The sequel to my fave liquid highlighters MAC Lustre drops Pink Rebel. Ideal for mixing in with your foundation for a more dewy finish, I tend to use a flat sponge and dab onto the areas I want to shine. It also looks stunning mixed in with some powder blusher.
The Body Shop illuminator (£12)
If the other liquid highlighters are slightly out of your budget then I have just the solution for you. Body shops illuminator is more of a thicker substance than the above. But is still in my top three of liquid highlighters. It does the trick. You do have to work this one into the skin more but it still leaves your skin gleaming beautifully.

MAC Frost-Pearl.
As you can see this is used a lot when creating my makeup. Unlike the others it is a cream highlighter. MAC Frost- Pearl. This sits effortlessly onto he skin without blending just needs to be pressed onto the skin preferably with a finger and voila you are a glowing godess.It looks more dewy than shimmery which I love it lasts for hours ad is my ultimate life saver if my skin is looking slightly dry.

MAC Skinfinish Mineralize- Soft and Gentle.
This highlighter is perfect for those with oily skin types. MAC Mineralize skin finish. I use a flat brush and press it into the skin. It catches the light beautifully. Again it’s not too shimmery so perfect for day and night makeup. I tend to use powder highlighters to set my liquid highlighters on a night out if I want a more dramatic look. You can get this in many shade to suit every skin tone.

MUA Undress your skin (£3)

If you’re new to highlighters or if you’re curious about powder highlighters but don’t want to risk splashing out on a product you may not warm to. I would recommend trialling Superdrugs  MUA Undress your skin highlighter. I cannot praise this product enough. It is highly pigmented, sits beautifully on skin and gives a shimmery glow. This product is also available with a gold undertone for you beauties with olive toned skin. It’s £3  grab bargain.


There are of course millions of highlighters, but here are my personal favourites that I cannot praise enough!

With Love Makeup Monster x.

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