Thirsty skin?

The festive season has come to an end(cry). Not only has the majority of the nations liver taken a beating, but so has your skin! The arctic weather, the late nights, the ten too many mulled wines? Do not neglect your thirsty skin, it needs hydration too! I also know a lot of people may be avoiding checking your bank balance; “maybe if I blink twice more money will appear?” or “if I squint it doesn’t look too bad”.  That’s why I have put together some budget skin melodies for you, that I promise won’t break the bank. Lets quench this thirst.


This is a no brainer,the greasy ointment is a quick fix solution. It’s best to wear this over your dry areas over night let it sink into your skin. Unless you like the “I’m about to be deep fat fried” look.

Vitamin E skin oil.
 The ultimate bargain.This product does a little more than help speed up the process of hydrating your skin. It protects and revitalises the skin. I tend to wear skin oils instead of moisturises during the the winter as I feel my skin needs extra hydration.I tend to apply the oil around my eyes and mouth before I apply my makeup. If you do not like having a dewy finish on your skin I  would recommend using a matte primer and a little powder when using this product under makeup.
Baby oil Aloe Vera.
If my skin is incredibly dry and I must wear makeup, to remove my makeup I simply use baby oil with Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is proven to be repairing for skin hence why it’s so lovely to our skin. Baby oil does not make my skin feel sensitive; I like to let my skin absorb this product. Try not to use it everyday as you may break out in those pretty little things- spots.

Lancome, Bi-oil makeup remover.
Finding a hydrating makeup remover is as important as finding a thirst quenching moisturizer. Personally this is my must have. I know,I know I said this was going to be budget buys but it will last you at least 6 months so it kind of is; I hope I have persuaded you. It not only removes your makeup it also cleanses, and adds hydration to your skin. It is also perfect for sensitive skin. I know it may be out of some peoples budgets but it really is worth the cost.(£22)
I can sense what you’re all thinking, “where’s the moisturisers?” I will happily answer that, personally I find moisturisers dry out my skin and don’t really improve my skin at all, I need a deeper solution, ointments and oils. A lot of moisturisers are full of alcohol and sometimes contain harsh chemicals which may improve the appearance at first but is it really helping your skin? These products have really helped my skin survive winter season.

With Love Makeup Monster x.

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