The tan every girl needs.

 If there’s one thing I know about us girls is that we love a  golden tan, it makes us look and feel good inside and out. The problem is we live in England and it’s winter which means we have to find a sunless solution;sunbeds take too long to build up, and are a health hazard. So in our time of need we turn to fake tan. Fake tan is extremely problematic. 

1.     It’s hard to find one that has natural colouring.
2.     It goes streaky and patchy.
3.     It smells like chicken crisps.
4.     It leaves the skin looking scaly after a day.

Sally Hansen.

I dont know about you but I love a quickie… An instant tan, that does exactly what it says on the tin. An instant natural glow, streak free, scent free and waterproof the perfect combo. This tan is a virtual photoshop it leaves your skin looking airbrushed exactly like it says on the tin. I think I have hyped it up enough and now it’s time to reveal my little tanning secret- Sally Hansen tights in a tin (£9.99 Boots) is the answer to your fake tan sorrows. The reason the tan seems so flawless is because unlike other tans it is makeup based meaning it imitates and conceals the skin instead of staining it. Just spray onto the skin and blend with a tanning mitt for a streak free glow that lasts all night.


I was feeling extremely brave and decided to trial a cheaper version of the tan Anvia  Dark ( £2.99 Savers). This also claimed to have an airbrushed effect. I do not often say this it was I was pleasantly surprised. It went on smooth, blended seamlessly on the skin, had no lingering scent. Going out with instant tan on can be a catastrophe if it’s not waterproof; as someone always manages to spill your own drink down you. Resulting in a not so even tan. My tan is nightclub worthy, dozens of drinks spilt down my legs and not one streak, this tan has superpowers! Spray onto the skin and blend for that quick glow we all crave.


  • Goes on smoothly.
  • A lovely golden colour.
  • Doesn’t make you smell of biscuits/chicken crisps.
  • It’s instant.
  • It’s waterproof.
  • You look flawless.
  • You must blend it quickly.
  • It can clog up your pores on your face.
(It tends to stay on for a few days then you’ll need to lightly exfoliate your skin. It doesn’t go scaly and it comes off with great ease.)


 As you can see Sally Hansen is a lot thinner meaning you can build up the coverage more, it takes five minutes to dry before you can get dressed. Whereas Anvia has a more fuller coverage so once it’s on the skin you usually do not need another layer, however it takes about 10 minutes to dry properly.

The two tans are extremely similar in colour and coverage. The white patches are there to show the difference. This is phenomenal tanning dupe.

I am a very hard person to please when it comes to beauty products, and these two products are a must have for every tanners beauty cupboard. I wish I had discovered it sooner. 

With love 

Makeup monster x. 


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