Simple black& gold eye.

You know when you haven’t got much time on your hands to play around with your makeup, but want to swade from the usual brown smokey eye? I have the perfect solution not only is this look extremely easy, it also compliments every eye colour.  All you need is black,gold and a highlight colour. I created my eye look using the naked 2 palette.

  • Blackout.
  • Chopper.
  • Bootycall.

Prime the eye with your fave eye primer. Apply the black shadow on the outer corner of the eye, using a flat eye shadow brush push it onto skin. Make sure you tap the fallout off the brush before putting it on your face it is your worst nightmare. 
Apply your gold shade on the middle of the lid, again apply a few layers of shadow for a more intense look.
Push a highlight shade on the inner corner of the eye and on the inner corner of your bottom lash line.

Using  a fluffy blending brush blend, blend, blend until the colours look smooth as if they are about to emerge. Whilst blending you can create the eye shadow shape, you can take it above the socket, on the socket where ever you feel it compliments your eye shape. I find bringing the shadow to the outer edge of your brows lifts the eye.
To finish the look off you can go under the eye with the black shadow and smudge it out. Finish off with some black liner in the water line and some falsies. 

Contouring and highlighting will help make your look more sultry and defined, if you are unsure here’s how I do it
  I finished my look off with nude lips, to help draw attention to those peepers.

With Love Makeup monster X.

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