How to soothe sunburn.

A guide to some of the best sunburn remedies..

The summer us Brits have all been waiting for has finally arrived! I know you must feel as though you’re  hallucinating as the sun is mythological in England! You’re not dreaming the sun has come out to play and we know it’s  not here to stay (the pessimist in me) so you soak up as many sun rays as possible! As it’s such a novelty to us in the excitement of it all sometimes we forget to prepare our skin and develop a painful aftermath that later develops into a seductive red shade. A fair skinned beauty’s worst two words sun burn! If it appears as though the damage is done and you can’t get hold of a time machine then you best  read on…



Milk Compress.


If you’re closer to the fridge than the bathroom cabinet then you might want to stay put as the quickest way to ease the pain is milk! Simply soak a cotton hand towel into the milk and compress it onto the affected areas the coldness of the milk helps to ease the pain and reduces excessive heat, adding baking soda into the mix can help to prevent itchiness. This is just a temporary fix and won’t help with the healing process!

Aloe vera.


Anything with Aloe Vera in it smother it all over your thawed skin! The plant of which was basically created for sun burn! It instantly soothes the skin and helps to heal minor burns. if applied a few times a day.

Vitamin oils.


It’s no secret that vitamins are vital to help repair the skin and to make it look and generally be more healthy. A vitamin based oil is best over a cream as oils tend to absorb into the skin more resulting in more vitamins for the skin! Although it would be advised to apply an oil based product when the skin is cool  heat+oil=boil AVOID! Palmer’s Cocoa butter body oil protects and moisturises skin resulting in a speedy recovery and no peeling!



A household beauty favourite infamous for it’s use to prevent dry skin, spots and sore bottoms- behold Sudocrem One of the best products that helps to soothe the stinging sensation whilst sanitising the skin is a household item of which many of us own , simply apply a few layers twice a day to speed up the skins healing process.



Stating the obvious water helps to keep us hydrated water plays a huge part in the functioning of our vital organ- the skin, it helps to repair the damaged skin internally and externally so get gulping away!

The weather is forecasted all week to be beautiful so please remember to wear sun cream and to top it up through out the day as the skin damage is irreversible!

If you’d like more information on the effects of sun damage please click here.


The Beauty Forecast X.


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