Festival makeup inspiration.

Tired of the same conventional fine glitter dabbed around the eye? I totally feel you! If you’re feeling lost and in dire need of some serious festival makeup inspiration look no further, it’s time to step it up from the standard glitter dabbed around the eye, what a better way to express your alter ego than at a Festival?

Reminiscent of my youth when you  could decorate a card however you wanted with any  craft materials which to me meant sequins, paint and hella glitter. Your face is your blank canvas it’s time to get creative!! Next stop Hobby Craft!

Whether you fancy yourself being- eccentric, bohemian chic, a glamour gal, or a minimalsist here’s some inspiration for you all!

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Want some top tips for festival makeup?

  • Use hair gel, vaseline or clear eyelash glue to make your chosen adornment stay put.
  • Apply a strong hold hair spray for extra staying, sweat proof power.
  • Apply materials with a flat brush.
  • Less is more, start with applying your products thinly and then add more for desired look.
  • Use baby oil or an oil based product to remove the products with ease.


Mix your glitter up purchase fine glitter, thick glitter, variations of colour and shape, confetti, gems anything that glitters, put it in a bottle and shake it up then apply this will create dimension to your look (thank me later).

You’re ready to PARTYYY!

The Beauty Forecast X.

The Beauty Forecast would love to see your festival looks so don’t forget to mention us on Twitter and Instagram!




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