SS16’S Hottest Beauty Look For Less.

With the hottest season of the year in full swing it’s only right that you look your hottest- by mastering  Dolce & Gabbana’s beauty look for SS16 created by makeup goddess Pat Mcgrath.What’s sexier than a feline flick and bold lip? A feline flick and bold lip with high street prices. Learn how to master the high fashion beauty look using high street products in eight steps!




Get the look.

Top tip: When creating dewy skin less product is more!

Apply a radiance based primer to the skin with either your fingers or a duo fiber brush.

Using BB cream or a tinted moisturizer is best for achieving a natural finish, boost your glow by  mixing  an illuminating liquid with your product and apply using a duo fiber brush or your fingers. Apply a liquid highlighter to above the cheekbones and on the cupids bow.

Apply a peach toned bronzer just below your cheekbones helping the define the cheeks. Brush bronzer on the temples of the forehead and below the cheekbones to create enviable cheekbones.

Brush up the brows using a brow brush,apply a a darker shade of eyebrow powder to the ends of the brows apply the product light as you get to the middle of the brow once you get to the front of the hairs brush the excess of the product through to the front. Brush through brow for extra staying power, brush the front of the hairs upwards.

Apply a primer to the eyes, using a eye shadow blending brush blend your bronzer on your crease creating a soft definition, using a light matte eye shadow fill in your eyelid creating a wash of lightness that will open the eyes and compliment the warmth in the crease. Press a powder highlight on the inner corners of the eyes.

Using a gel eye liner and fine brush, sweep the gel through the lash line, ensuring that the line gets gradually thicker towards the end of the eye create a cat flick by quickly moving the brush upwards.

Brighten Under the eyes using a concealer pen as the product is thinner resulting no creases under the eyes. Press compressed powder under the eyes for staying power.

Apply a few coats of mascara on the upper lash-line.

Ensure the lips are moisturized and apply a coral lip liner starting on the inside of the mouth working your way to the outer corners. To complete the look dab lipstick on the inside of the lips this will hep to create dimension to the lips and apply as normal to the outer lip.

Now you’re ready to take on the world!

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