The Product All Lipstick Addicts Need.



We’ve all been there- flicking through the pages of a glossy magazine to discover that J-lo is sporting that shade of burgundy you’ve been searching every makeup counter for, luckily the beauty editors have your back and have credited the exact lipstick. You invest £30 in this lipstick that you’re hoping will be life changing.. except once you’ve applied it, it looks more eek than chic. Unfortunately we don’t all posses the same skin tone or lip colouring as the models  that wear the shade we lust over, resulting in the colour looking different on us; these are important aspects that slip our mind when buying a new lip hue. If you’re constantly  disappointed and can’t find the one (lipstick)  then The Beauty Forecast has got a product that you’ll find life changing…

Introducing MAC Lip Mix– a highly pigmented, high coverage liquid with a velvet finish. To achieve a satin or glossy finish mix in a lip gloss or for a hi-gloss effect apply a lip gloss over the top. The Lip Mixes come in an array of colours allowing you to create a custom made colour that lasts for hours. If you’re unsure what colour’s to purchase I highly recommend investing in  primary colours (Red, Yellow, Blue) along with Black and White to adjust the lightness and darkness of the tone. With these colours you’re able to create any shade on the spectrum in any tone meaning you’ll always be on trend . This way you can find the exact shade and undertone that’s just right for you without spending a fortune!

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Above is just a fraction of the shades you can create.  It is vital to have a good lip brush as this will impact the application no one wants bristles falling out or uneven product- hairy lips are not attractive (apparently).

If you’re a lipstick addict and love experimenting with your look then MAC Lip Mix is a must have product, it will seriously change your lip game!

Love The Beauty Forecast X.

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