Halloween Makeup Inspiration

The Beauty Forecast understands how important Halloween is to you, so you need to make sure you’re totally prepared to standout! Thats why we’ve been putting those social media stalking skills to use. We discovered some insane (in the best way) Makeup Artists to stalk. If you’re searching for a reel of inspirational Halloween looks to scroll through;then it’s your lucky day! The Beauty Forecast has handpicked some incredible Makeup Artists that offer endearing looks ,to inspire you to be less slutty cat and more demonic road kill . You need to check out these masters of makeup.

The Beauty Forecast’s top 8 ┬áMakeup Artists to follow for Inspiration this Halloween !

  1. Lola Von Esche.


2. Ellie H-M


3.Kimberely Margarita


4.Monsterchilds FX


5.Bryony Campbell.


6.Jordan Hanz


  1. Robert Antonietti


8.Girl Acne


Its time to grab all of your Makeup and get your freak on!


The Beauty Forecast X


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