Editorial Halloween Makeup Inspiration.

It’s October which means we can watch Hocus Pocus on repeat because we can!


It’s that time of year where we can get creative, and its socially acceptable to walk around with blood on our faces and not be a suspect !

Now you’ve read the obligated intro its time to get in the Halloween spirit with the Women who run the Makeup game, I’m talking about  the crème de la crème of the Makeup industry; Alex box, Pat McGrath, and Val Garland.

If you prefer to look hella-fine at Halloween then Makeup genius’s  Alex Box,  Pat McGrath, and Val Garland offer some serious inspiration!  The trio truly ain’t no Instagram unoriginal cake faces. These looks  are incredibly striking masterpieces that will make you stand out from the crowd of Cats, and vampires this Halloween. 


Say’ I do’ to becoming the ultimate bridezilla this Halloween by experimenting with gloss and matte finishes, its the perfect excuse to be a total diva.

Val Garland
Pat McGrath
Alex Box



With all the Clown sightings going around it’s bound to be a must -have look for Halloween, to ensure you standout try more abstract looks, apply GLITTER, or paint on skin coloured tights to turn heads.

Val Garland
Alex Box
Pat McGrath

Doll Face.

Thee prettiest Halloween look is of course bringing your favourite child-hood doll to life, layer on masses of mascara, add pops of colour and go crazy with pastel hair sprays.

Val Garland
Alex Box
Pat McGrath


Not inspired enough below are an array of freaky inspiration to get you in the mood to pull out your all of your Makeup Products, and create a masterpiece!
















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