You’ll Never get the wrong shade of Foundation Again…

Are you tired of being matched to the wrong shade of foundation? Or from purchasing the wrong shade online? Then this article is a must read!


We know how it goes… you’ve discovered a foundation that hits the spot- with all around glowing reviews and you need it in your Makeup bag.  Despite the product being unattainable locally stay cool, you can just go online and add it to your basket right? However there’s just one major problem what shade am I? Without litreally testing the product it can make selecting the right shade of foundation impossible; not anymore..behold the phenomenon .  The website is like the personal makeup assistant that you never had!

MatchMyMakeup allows you to select a skin product that you know your shade in, the following option is to select the brand  of foundation that you want to try……  Voila your closet skin colour match is there for you to purchase, its that easy!  Not only is the website amazing for de-coding the right pantone for your skin colour needs but, MatchMyMakeup also has a section dedicated to high end dupes ,tested by Makeup professionals Rae Morris, and Rachel Elizabeth- making it extremely trustworthy.


No more mis-matches in store or online again! The suffering stops here.


Love The Beauty Forecast X


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