How to Make your Makeup Stay On All Night.

Want to avoid looking like this on a night out? You better read on then..


You don’t need to spend lavish amounts of money to ensure that your makeup looks as though its been freshly applied even after a night out on the town.  There’s a few products that you need to be using to make sure your makeup slays on 😏 at all times.  If you aren’t in love with the idea of spending money on products that you can’t see then scroll on down to see what products we’ve tried and tested that don’t break the bank, and are accessible meaning you can have a fresh looking face in time for Christmas!

MUA Fixing Spray £5.00


Do you need a fixing spray? Absolutely this is the secret to everlasting makeup – this magic spray keeps your makeup looking fresh for an average of 8hours. Spray the mist all over your face let it set and volia,, plus it’s near enough sweat proof meaning you can break out all the moves and still look like the queen you are!


Lipcote £3.99


Wearing Red or Dark lipstick is all fun and games until you have to eat or have just one more wine; which jeopardises all of your hard work ensuring your lips look amazing,within two seconds gone and we totally get that it’s heartbreaking! Apply a coat of this onto your vampy shade and your good to go, eat, drink  to your hearts content!


Browcote £6.99


Meet Lipcotes hot sister Browcote – we know its been all about the brows for quite sometime now, it’s important that they make a statement just as much as your lip colour! Apply to your brows accordingly, brush on your brow gel and you’re Cara ready!


With all of this extra money you go and buy that extra Prosecco you deserve it!


Love The Beauty Forecast X


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